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  FIVE lyrics
1.   Let's Dance (Five)
2.   We will rock you (FIVE)
3.   Keep on movin' (FIVE)
4.   Inspector gadget (FIVE)
5.   When i remember when (FIVE)
6.   Rock the party (FIVE)
7.   Everybody get up (FIVE)
8.   The heat (FIVE)
9.   If ya gettin down (FIVE)
10.   Sam dunk da funk (FIVE)
11.   Let's dance (radio edit) (FIVE)
12.   Breakdown (FIVE)
13.   Two sides to every story (FIVE)
14.   Until the time is through (FIVE)
15.   Got the feelin' (FIVE)
16.   You and i (FIVE)
17.   It's alright (FIVE)
18.   Battle star (FIVE)
19.   Closer to me (FIVE)
20.   When the lights go out (FIVE)
21.   It's all over (FIVE)
22.   Everyday (FIVE)
23.   All around (FIVE)
24.   Something in the air (FIVE)
25.   On top of the world (FIVE)
26.   Invincible (FIVE)
27.   You make me a better man (FIVE)
28.   Stop pushing me (FIVE)
29.   Let's get it on (FIVE)
30.   Sunshine (FIVE)
31.   Straight up funk (FIVE)
32.   Feel the love (FIVE)
33.   Mr z (FIVE)
34.   Don't you want it (FIVE)
35.   Machine Head (Five)
36.   Sesame Street (Five)
37.   MATT DUSK (Five)
38.   Coming back for more (FIVE)
39.   Switch (FIVE)
40.   It's the things you do (FIVE)
41.   Can you jam (FIVE)
42.   Were going all night you make me high (FIVE)
43.   Take your chances on me (FIVE)
44.   Human (FIVE)
45.   Don't fight it baby (FIVE)
46.   World of mine (FIVE)
47.   Thats what you told me (FIVE)
48.   Shake (FIVE)
49.   Satisfield (FIVE)
50.   Lay all your lovin on me (FIVE)
51.   Don't wanna let you go (FIVE)
52.   Cold sweat (FIVE)
53.   C'mon c'mon (FIVE)
54.   Serious (FIVE)
55.   Reminiscing (FIVE)
56.   Partyline 555 on-line (FIVE)
57.   My song (FIVE)
58.   Hear me now (FIVE)
59.   Daily Planet (Five)
60.   How do ya feel (FIVE)

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