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  I Want You lyrics
1.   Troggs (I Want You)
2.   Shana (I Want You)
3.   ELVIS COSTELLO (I Want You)
4.   Savage Garden (I Want You)
5.   Massive Attack (I Want You)
6.   E-Rotic (I Want You)
7.   Face II Face (I Want You)
8.   Jon Bon Jovi (I Want You)
9.   Marvin Gaye (I Want You)
10.   Wet Wet Wet (I Want You)
11.   Huey Lewis & The News (I Want You)
12.   Maxx (I Want You)
13.   Jessica Riddle (I Want You)
14.   Filur (I Want You)
15.   Kiss (I Want You)
16.   The Hollies (I Want You)
17.   Wickett (I Want You)
18.   MOLOKO (I Want You)
19.   The Beatles (I Want You)
20.   Salad (I Want You)
21.   Alexia (I Want You)
22.   ROXETTE (I want you)
23.   BON JOVI (I Want You)
24.   SHOPHIE B. HAWKINS (I Want You)
25.   BLAZIN' SQUAD (I Want You)
26.   GREAT WHITE (I Want You)
27.   KEITH SWEAT (I Want You)
28.   3 EB (I Want You)
29.   Elastica (I Want You)
30.   No Curfew (I Want You)
31.   Real McCoy (I Want You)
32.   Alana Davis (I Want You)
33.   Bob Dylan (I Want You)
34.   Concrete blonde (I Want You)
35.   Bruce Springsteen (I Want You)
36.   Melissa Etheridge (I Want You)
37.   Sam Flynn (I Want You)
38.   THALIA (I Want You)
39.   THIRD EYE BLIND (I Want You)
40.   JANET JACKSON (I Want You)
41.   Hanoi Rocks (I Want You)
42.   Espen Lind (I Want You)
43.   SOPHIE B. HAWKINS (I Want You)
44.   Stiff Little Fingers (I Want You)
45.   Madonna (I Want You)
46.   Lindsey Buckingham (I Want You)
47.   LL Cool J (I Want You)
48.   Thalia F/ Fat Joe (I Want You)

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