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  RAY CHARLES lyrics
1.   Fifty Nifty United States (RAY CHARLES)
2.   Mother, Look, I'm An Acrobat (RAY CHARLES)
3.   Somewhere Over The Rainbow (RAY CHARLES)
4.   Hit The Road Jack (RAY CHARLES)
5.   You Are My Sunshine (RAY CHARLES)
6.   Moon River (RAY CHARLES)
7.   I Got A Woman (RAY CHARLES)
8.   Seven Spanish Angels (RAY CHARLES)
9.   Hallelujah, I Love Her So (RAY CHARLES)
10.   Christmas Time (RAY CHARLES)
11.   Georgia On My Mind (RAY CHARLES)
12.   Unchain My Heart (RAY CHARLES)
13.   If You Were Mine (RAY CHARLES)
14.   Candy (RAY CHARLES)
15.   Crazy Love (RAY CHARLES)
16.   Once Upon A Summertime (RAY CHARLES)
17.   Glow Worm (RAY CHARLES)
18.   Busted (RAY CHARLES)
19.   Autumn Leaves (RAY CHARLES)
20.   Cry Me A River (RAY CHARLES)
21.   Friendship (RAY CHARLES)
22.   Jubilation T. Cornpone (RAY CHARLES)
23.   Mess Around (RAY CHARLES)
24.   If I Could (RAY CHARLES)
25.   Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma (RAY CHARLES)
26.   My Funny Valentine (RAY CHARLES)
27.   Hey! Hey! (RAY CHARLES)
28.   Laura (RAY CHARLES)
29.   What'd I Say (Parts 1 & 2) (RAY CHARLES)
30.   Crying Time (RAY CHARLES)
31.   Hollywood Party (RAY CHARLES)
32.   Manhattan (RAY CHARLES)
33.   Midnight Sun (RAY CHARLES)
34.   Lonely Avenue (RAY CHARLES)
35.   Ruby (RAY CHARLES)
36.   America The Beautiful (RAY CHARLES)
37.   Bewitched (RAY CHARLES)
38.   Cry (RAY CHARLES)
39.   Honey, Honey (RAY CHARLES)
40.   I Can Make It Thru The Days (But Oh Those Lonely Nights) (RAY CHARLES)
41.   I'll Do Anything But Work (RAY CHARLES)
42.   I'm Going Down To The River (RAY CHARLES)
43.   Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (RAY CHARLES)
44.   Am I Blue (RAY CHARLES)
45.   Emily (RAY CHARLES)
46.   Falling In Love With Love (RAY CHARLES)
47.   Hello! (RAY CHARLES)
48.   I Remember You (RAY CHARLES)
49.   Don't Set Me Free (RAY CHARLES)
50.   I Can't Stop Loving You (RAY CHARLES)
51.   Blue Room (RAY CHARLES)
52.   C.C. Rider (RAY CHARLES)
53.   'Cause We Got Cake (Cakewalk) (RAY CHARLES)
54.   Come With Me (RAY CHARLES)
55.   I Married An Angel (RAY CHARLES)
56.   Let Your Love Flow (RAY CHARLES)
57.   My Bonnie (RAY CHARLES)
58.   My Heart Cries For You (RAY CHARLES)
59.   My World (RAY CHARLES)
60.   (Night Time Is) The Right Time (RAY CHARLES)
61.   Bye Bye, Love (RAY CHARLES)
62.   Come Back Baby (RAY CHARLES)
63.   Dearly Beloved (RAY CHARLES)
64.   Down By The River (RAY CHARLES)
65.   Goody, Goody (RAY CHARLES)
66.   Nobody Loves A Riveter (RAY CHARLES)
67.   Nobody's Heart (RAY CHARLES)
68.   And The Angels Sing (RAY CHARLES)
69.   Blues In The Night (My Mama Done Tol' Me) (RAY CHARLES)
70.   I Blush (RAY CHARLES)
71.   I Like To Hear It Sometime (RAY CHARLES)
72.   I Love You So Much It Hurts (RAY CHARLES)
73.   I Wanna Be Around (RAY CHARLES)
74.   Leave My Woman Alone (RAY CHARLES)
75.   Let The Good Times Roll (RAY CHARLES)
76.   Living For The City (RAY CHARLES)
77.   Love Me Tonight (Lover, Love Me Tonight) (RAY CHARLES)
78.   Ol' Man River (RAY CHARLES)
79.   Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (RAY CHARLES)
80.   It Was A Very Good Year (RAY CHARLES)
81.   Sticks And Stones (RAY CHARLES)
82.   Blackjack (RAY CHARLES)
83.   Chicago (A Great Big Town) (RAY CHARLES)
84.   Hooray For Hollywood (RAY CHARLES)
85.   I Thought About You (RAY CHARLES)
86.   If I Give You My Love (RAY CHARLES)
87.   I'm Movin' On (RAY CHARLES)
88.   Johnny One Note (RAY CHARLES)
89.   Love With The Proper Stranger (RAY CHARLES)
90.   Makin' Whoopee! (RAY CHARLES)
91.   On Your Toes (RAY CHARLES)
92.   No One To Cry To (RAY CHARLES)
93.   Them That Got (RAY CHARLES)
94.   Yesterday (RAY CHARLES)
95.   A Fool For You (RAY CHARLES)
96.   Babes In Arms (RAY CHARLES)
97.   Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand (RAY CHARLES)
98.   Days Of Wine And Roses (RAY CHARLES)
99.   Don't You Know (RAY CHARLES)
100.   Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye (RAY CHARLES)
101.   Here In My Arms (RAY CHARLES)
102.   I Don't Need No Doctor (RAY CHARLES)
103.   Lincoln (RAY CHARLES)
104.   Lover (RAY CHARLES)
105.   Max And Frieda (RAY CHARLES)
106.   Oh, Diogenes! (RAY CHARLES)
107.   Sweet Potato Pie (RAY CHARLES)
108.   You Don't Know Me (RAY CHARLES)
109.   Sinner's Prayer (RAY CHARLES)
110.   Let's Go Get Stoned (RAY CHARLES)
111.   Bernardine (RAY CHARLES)
112.   Dream (When You're Feeling Blue) (RAY CHARLES)
113.   Fools Rush In (RAY CHARLES)
114.   Girls, Girls, Girls! (RAY CHARLES)
115.   He Was Too Good To Me (RAY CHARLES)
116.   I Wish I Were In Love Again (RAY CHARLES)
117.   I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (RAY CHARLES)
118.   I Won't Sing A Song (RAY CHARLES)
119.   Mountain Greenery (RAY CHARLES)
120.   North America Meets South America (RAY CHARLES)
121.   One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) (RAY CHARLES)
122.   Hey Girl (RAY CHARLES)
123.   Ain't That Love (RAY CHARLES)
124.   Greenbacks (RAY CHARLES)
125.   Baby, It's Cold Outside (RAY CHARLES)
126.   Dear Old Syracuse (RAY CHARLES)
127.   Drifting Blues (RAY CHARLES)
128.   Early Autumn (RAY CHARLES)
129.   Ev'ry Sunday Afternoon (RAY CHARLES)
130.   He And She (RAY CHARLES)
131.   I Believe To My Soul (RAY CHARLES)
132.   I Chose To Sing The Blues (RAY CHARLES)
133.   It Should've Been Me (RAY CHARLES)
134.   Jumpin' In The Morning (RAY CHARLES)
135.   Love Never Went To College (RAY CHARLES)
136.   Mimi (RAY CHARLES)
137.   Moment To Moment (RAY CHARLES)
138.   On The Atchison, Topeka And Santa Fe (RAY CHARLES)
139.   Out Of This World (RAY CHARLES)
140.   Take These Chains From My Heart (RAY CHARLES)
141.   Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin' (RAY CHARLES)
142.   Hide 'Nor Hair (RAY CHARLES)
143.   Come Rain Or Come Shine (RAY CHARLES)
144.   Dancing On The Ceiling (He Dances On My Ceiling) (RAY CHARLES)
145.   Empty Tables (RAY CHARLES)
146.   Ev'rything I've Got (RAY CHARLES)
147.   Give Her A Kiss (RAY CHARLES)
148.   Give It Back To The Indians (RAY CHARLES)
149.   Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry (RAY CHARLES)
150.   I Didn't Know What Time It Was (RAY CHARLES)
151.   I Had Twins (He Had Twins) (RAY CHARLES)
152.   I'm Old Fashioned (RAY CHARLES)
153.   It's Easy To Remember (RAY CHARLES)
154.   Little Girl Blue (RAY CHARLES)
155.   My Shining Hour (RAY CHARLES)
156.   On A Desert Island With Thee (RAY CHARLES)
157.   Heaven Help Us All (RAY CHARLES)
158.   Together Again (RAY CHARLES)
159.   I've Got News For You (RAY CHARLES)
160.   After My Laughter Came Tears (RAY CHARLES)
161.   Day In (RAY CHARLES)
162.   Don't Change On Me (RAY CHARLES)
163.   Eleanor Rigby (RAY CHARLES)
164.   Hardhearted Hannah (RAY CHARLES)
165.   I Could Write a Book (RAY CHARLES)
166.   I Cried For You (RAY CHARLES)
167.   I Feel At Home With You (RAY CHARLES)
168.   I'd Know You Anywhere (RAY CHARLES)
169.   I'm An Old Cowhand (RAY CHARLES)
170.   Jeepers Creepers (RAY CHARLES)
171.   Kissa Me Baby (RAY CHARLES)
172.   Ladies Of The Evening (RAY CHARLES)
173.   My Romance (RAY CHARLES)
174.   Here We Go Again (RAY CHARLES)
175.   Drown In My Own Tears (RAY CHARLES)
176.   Drinking Again (RAY CHARLES)
177.   Ev'rybody Loves You (RAY CHARLES)
178.   How To Win Friends And Influence People (RAY CHARLES)
179.   I Wake Up Crying (RAY CHARLES)
180.   I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts of Town (RAY CHARLES)
181.   Me And The Ghost Upstairs (RAY CHARLES)
182.   I'll Be Good To You (RAY CHARLES)
183.   Glad To Be Unhappy (RAY CHARLES)
184.   In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening (RAY CHARLES)
185.   It Never Entered My Mind (RAY CHARLES)
186.   Just For A Thrill (RAY CHARLES)

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